#00001 PS4 20th Anniversary Auction Goes for $127,000

/ 2 years ago


Sony Computer Entertainment held a special auction recently, selling off one of their incredibly popular 20th Anniversary PlayStation 4 consoles. Sony promised to donate the proceeds to the Japanese branch of Save the Children.

The auction was hit with several prank bids, which had a negative effect on the whole event, but eventually the console reached a highest bid of 15,135,000 yen ($127,000). Unfortunately again, Sony then revealed that the bid had not been fulfilled and that the sale had ultimately failed, causing the sale to be postponed.

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Good guy Sony kept their word and have pledged to donate the sum of the highest bid to Save the children regardless, with the addition of a sum of money generated by their “PlayStation Love Tweet” campaign. In total, Sony donated $127,278.

Why someone would screw around with an auction that was for a children’s charity is beyond me, but it’s good to see Sony put things right in the end.

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