10-Series GPUs Bugging Out With Latest Nvidia Drivers

/ 1 year ago

10-Series GPUs Bugging Out With Latest Nvidia Drivers

Are you rocking one of the latest 10-series graphics cards from Nvidia? Then you may want to skip past the latest 372.54 drivers, as some users are reporting bug issues with the latest software. Fortunately, the problem doesn’t seem severe, with people noticing weird graphics glitches, rendering artifacts, pixel flickering, and similar problems while gaming and while watching videos. The problem here is that these issues are often associated with failing hardware, so if you’re seeing these problems, please roll back your drivers and re-test.

So far, the problem doesn’t seem to hit 9xx and below cards, but I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of it happening. On the plus side, Nvidia is usually pretty swift at fixing these issues, so I would expect a quickly patched version of the driver to be released soon enough.

As said before, this doesn’t seem to be a hardware problem or to be causing actual damage to people’s cards, just visual glitching, so roll back and sit tight until the new-new drivers are released.

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  1. Bryan Brandhorst says:

    they already is a n
    ew driver called 372.70

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