10 Terabyte SSDs Available Within Two Years

/ 3 years ago


A tech partnership between Intel and Micron, Intel Micron Flash Technologies (IMTF), has developed 3D MLC NAND technology which will facilitate the creation of 10 Terabyte Solid State Drives within two years. The move was announced in a webcast to Intel investors last week. Rob Crooke, Vice President and General Manager of the Intel Non-Volitile Memory Solutions Group, revealed details of the next-gen flash drives, which will include 32 planar layers, c4 billion interconnect pillars between layers, 256Gbit – 32GB – of capacity in a die using MLC (2 bits/cell) NAND, and 348Gbit – 48GB – using TLC (3 bits/cell) NAND.

Crooke predicts 10TB SSD drives in two years, so expect them by the start of 2017. He also spoke about new 2mm thick 1B drives, intimating a potential leap in smartphone and tablet storage is imminent.

Source: The Register

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