10-Years Warranty Added to New SanDisk Extreme Pro SSDs

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SanDisk have unveiled their top-fo-the-line SSD lineup in the Extreme Pro series, having the most interesting and significant change noticeable in its warranty.

A 10-year warranty is apparently backing the given lineup, having SanDisk be the first company willing to grant this type of extended guarantee to a SSD range. This is quite impressive, although the company might be risking a lot with this type of warranty.

In terms of specifications, the Extreme Pro lineup is said to deliver performance improvements compared to its Extreme II series, having sequential write performance increased by approximately 2-3% to gain speeds of up to 520 MB/s. In addition, random reads have been increased by approximately 5%, having them reach 100,000 IOPS, as well as adding a 15-20% increase in random writes, upping the performance to 90,000 IOPS. All values however are based on the SSD capacity, having only the sequential read constant throughout the lineup.

SanDisk has also added the nChache technology to the Extreme Pro, having the company state that it will optimise speed and endurance for heavy workloads, as well as efficiently handle multitasking and grant fast responsiveness.

The new Extreme Pro series has already been spotted on Newegg, having the 240 GB going for $189.99, the 480 GB for $369.99 and the 960 GB for 599.99. In addition to the price, the release date has been stated to be somewhere this month, having Newegg quoting a June 12 date.

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2 Responses to “10-Years Warranty Added to New SanDisk Extreme Pro SSDs”
  1. Wayne says:

    After purchasing and using the drive for 7 years it packs up and only then do you only find out that SanDisk was scooped up 3 years earlier and the new owners aren’t honouring the warranty.

  2. Dromo says:

    Gambling on the fact that a tiny percentage of these will still be in use in 3 years. let alone 7+. Who will keep their receipt that long? will the gtee be transferable? Just a stopgap till real new SSD hits market with 3x speed.
    No mention of total Gbytes .. 2 drive writes per day??

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