$100k Fine For Man Who Fired Laser At A Ferry

/ 2 years ago

$100k Fine For Man Who Fired Laser At A Ferry

When it comes to dangerous technology, lasers are often mistaken as something that can’t be used to cause harm. Anyone who has ever operated a large vehicle may disagree, with airplanes often having to land when people decided to shine lasers into the cockpit of planes as they approach or depart airports causing safety risks every year. Mark Raden has found out this also applies to ferries as he’s been fined a hundred thousand dollars for firing a laser at a ferry resulting in injuries to both the ferry master and first mate of the ferry.

Raden is accused of “violating a safety and security zone” as he fired the laser into the ferry Tokitae while it was running from Mukilteo to Clinton back in October. The result of the laser was eye injuries to both the chief mate and ferry master, with the chiefs mate vision still being damaged a week after the initial incident. Raden isn’t unknown for these kinds of offences as he’s already been accused of shining a laser into a police officer’s eyes.

While Raden pleaded not guilty back in April, he’s set to face trial in June and was only caught thanks to the eagle eyes of a desk hand on the Kitsap, the ship which Raden was on at the time he fired the laser at the passing by Tokitae.

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One Response to “$100k Fine For Man Who Fired Laser At A Ferry”
  1. Matthew Pierson says:

    Sounds like a bunch of whiney bitches. High powered lasers that you buy online require prolonged exposure to cause damage, so the fucktards claiming they were injured were just too stupid to close their eyes and look away. And you can’t use the “laser could be from a gun sight” argument anymore because no one uses laser sights outside of movies.

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