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Shadow Of The Tomb Raider RTX Video Released!

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider RTX

Earlier this week we saw the big reveal from Nvidia. Not only was the 20XX range of graphics cards on the way, but they were also introducing real-time ray tracing. This is an AI graphic effect which simulated, with impressive accuracy, reflections of light and shadow on surfaces.

Part of this big reveal in gaming was a brief trailer showcasing the upcoming Shadow of the Tomb Raider with RTX turned on. Well, it seems that we something a little bigger in mind now as a full 11-minute gameplay trailer has been released all with the glorious RTX effect turned on.

Some Concerns

While the video is undoubtedly impressive, it does come at a time where some questions have been asked surrounding the performance impact of RTX. Since it does provide real-time lighting and shadow effects, many have been concerned as to how this would affect the overall performance. While it seems that it may have an effect at present, Square Enix at least seem confident that they’ll be overcome before the game releases.

First Game With RTX

There is, of course, a reason why Nvidia chose to highlight Shadow of the Tomb Raider. It is, after all, going to be the first game to fully utilise the technology. As such, we’re pretty sure that all concerned are going to want this to be a success. Not only in gameplay, but also in the visual effects.

Just how good it will be remains to be seen. If the above trailer is anything to go by though, RTX really is going to be special!

What do you think? Planning on giving this game a try? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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