$1,500 Google Glass Explorer Edition Now Available through Google Play

/ 3 years ago


After a long run of invite-only availability for Google’s Glass – earlier this year Google started selling its Glass “Explorer Edition” to anyone who was willing to fork out $1,500 back in May. But now it now looks like the company is expanding availability for the wearable – as it’s now popped the Glass “Explorer Edition” onto its Google Play storefront. Buyers waiting for a potentially cheaper price-point are going to be a little disappointed – with Glass still only being available at $1,500. For those wondering, the terminology “Explorer Edition” still refers to the product being in beta – so if you’re looking for a fully realized and finished product, you’d probably be best to hold off. For developers wanting to get things up and running across the wearable or just to have a little fun to see its capabilities – this is the place to be.

Ready to jump in and see what it’s all about? Glass is on sale in the Play store now and is available alongside stylish prescription frames, sunglasses, and its own custom earpiece.

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