17W SandyBridge Celeron 787 released

/ 6 years ago

Intel have added another SandyBridge to the Celeron line. This time the Celeron 787 is the new processor, the main selling point here is affordability at a reasonable price. The Celeron 787 will be the lowest spec but cheapest 32nm Ultra-Low Voltage processor available. The specifications are impressive given the TDP Intel are working with here which is 17W.

The Celeron 787 will have one Core @ 1.3GHz with 1 thread which means No hyper threading or turbo mode enabled. 1MB of Intel Smart Cache is present and the processor does have Intel HD graphics but the slower HD 2000 series with tuned down clock speeds of 350MHz core. The current bulk price of this unit is at $107 per 1000.

Intel also plans a higher voltage version of the same processor this will be called a Celeron B710 which will have one core @ 1.6GHz with 1 thread and 1MB of Intel Smart cache. The only real difference here is your extra 0.3GHz on the clock and the extra 300MHz on the HD 2000 graphics core which is clocked at 650MHz, The TDP of this version is 35W.

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  1. gaetan says:

    I know I don't have much experience in CPU speed, but even for that low voltage, isn't that a little bit useless in speed?

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