1More ComfoBuds Pro Headphones Review

A Closer Look & Performance

Every time I get a new set of 1More headphones, it seems they’ve tinkered with the shape and size of the hub. This one isn’t as tall as some, but it is fairly large overall. However, it’s gone for a longer/wider design so that it shouldn’t be much more or a burden to your pocket than a large lighter.

It’s quite a stylish little thing, though, with a gorgeous white finish that really makes me want to use the little protective bag that came with it. It’s not quite egg-shaped, but it did remind me of Mork’s spaceship.

Tucked into the rear, there’s a USB Type-C port for charging. It does come with a cable, but honestly, it’s a fairly common port now, so you can use any Type-C cable you have kicking around.

It reads “one more. hear more.” on the back. I can’t help but think it should be “1More – Hear More!” but that’s just me.

It’s subtle, but there’s one more 1More logo on the top, oh yeah.

The headphones come stored in the charging hub, so they’re very well protected when you purchase them. As you can see, the headphones and the dock are colour matched; I suspect the black model will come in a black hub.

Remove the headphones, and you can see two deep recesses and some Left and Right labels, so you know which earbud goes where.

You can’t see it, but there are strong magnetic locks on each mount, so the headphones will snap firmly in place when you put them in.

When you first take the headphones out, there are two plastic guards on each. A long one on the tail section protecting the touch-control surface, the other covering the metal charging pins. This is to prevent them endlessly charging from the hub while they’re in long-term storage.

With the tabs removed, they really do look pretty cool. They certainly remind me of the Airpods simply because they’re white. However, while Apple favours a more matte white finish, these have a more pearlescent finish that throws off some interesting hues when the light catches them.

They also have the strange property of feeling like they’re a hard-wearing rubber with a matte finish, but it looks like a gloss finish. That being said, the material just oozes premium quality and I really like what they’ve done here.

The shape is interesting too, as they’re a bit bigger than their previous models. Not only do you get massive drivers for a bigger sound, but there are three microphones per earphone. Each has a battery, wireless technology, ANC technology and more. However, they’re balladed so that what little weight they do have is located inside your ear, helping anchor them in place.

There are “feedforward” microphones on the back of the drivers, designed to catch environmental noises. There are “talking microphones” at the ends of the tails to detect your voice, obviously. Plus, in those black sections between the pins there, are “feedback microphones”, which detect in-ear noises, typically generated by things like your pulse, or motion while you’re exercising, or any other sounds that carry through your body while you’re sitting in a car, for example.

The black section is also a special sensor, which you can enable/disable in the mobile app to suit your preferences. It detects when you insert/remove them from your ears and will play/pause automatically. It’s handy when you take them out to say hi to someone, then pop them back in, as you won’t miss any of the audiobook, music, or whatever you were listening to.

The drivers themselves are quite larger, at least for in-ear headphones. Because they’ve managed to keep the weight forwards, they can have a bigger driver at the back. At 13.4mm, they’re pretty punchy and will deliver some pretty shocking high-end volume, not bad considering they’re self-contained units.

They are certainly some of the largest in-ear headphones 1More has made, but they feel right. They’re not really any longer than the apple ones, but the tails are thicker but very light. They have an interesting shape, but all the edges are soft and flowing, so you don’t get any hot spots when wearing them for prolonged periods; they’re very comfortable overall.

They feel like they can withstand knocks and bumps easily enough, plus they have an IPX4 Water and Sweat Resistant rating. So while I wouldn’t wear them in the shower throw them around,

They fit incredibly snug too, and while I’m not a particularly sporty person, running around the garden with my daughter didn’t cause them to fall out, and they stayed absolutely still on my daily lockdown-sanctioned walk in the woods.

Throwing on some music, I was almost instantly surprised by the ANC. It was set to Strong by default, and it virtually nulled the radio playing in the office. The effect was pretty profound. Typing on my keyboard, the annoying cat in my garden, the radio all faded down to less than a whisper. What’s amazing is that I had no audio playing; this was just pure ANC only. You can adjust the intensity to mild, a windy day mode or pass through. The pass-through was really interesting, as it made everyone in the room sound like they were on the phone to me. However, it’s convenient if you’re out for a bike ride, as I can hear my music, and everything around me a lot clearer.

The volume control (from my Samsung S20+) seems to go on exponential though, when you hit around 90%, any increase from there is a HUGE step up, so you get loud, stupidly loud, deaf, double deaf. It’s not an issue, as around 80% was more than enough, but they could do with smoothing the scale out in a future firmware update. I must admit though, and these are the loudest true-wireless I’ve ever tested; they really pack a punch.

They handle EQ rather well, albeit at the cost of peak output, but there’s so much to spare it doesn’t matter. I push more bass through mine, and they handle that fatter sound with ease. The bass is right and tight and doesn’t distort, even while maintaining a fast response.

What’s more amazing is that I got around 8 hours from a full charge. That was with some ANC, some without, with some higher volume, some lower. There have been a few calls, I’ve been in the house mostly and out a little too. So I think I’ve given them a fairly varied day out. That’s LOADS of time though, and more than enough to get you through a journey.

Even when things are running slow, just 15mins in the dock will give you an extra hour. Furthermore, you can charge one at a time, so when you hear low battery, charge one for 15 to 30 mins, swap, charge the other, and you’re set again for a couple of hours, easily.

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