1MORE PistonBuds Pro Review

How Much Does it Cost?

The 1More PistonBuds Pro True Wireless Active Noise Canceling Headphones are available directly from 1More for around $70, but there’s often a discount code clearly displayed on their website, but the offers regularly change. They’re also available on Amazon UK, with an MSRP of just £64.99, which is a great deal. However, they appear to be on sale right now, bringing them down to £44.99, which is insane value for money for a set of headphones with this level of features.


1More has always put forward a strong product in every price range, and that’s certainly true for the 1More PistonBuds Pro True Wireless. While I was reviewing and testing them, I did so with the fact that they were around £65 or $70, and for that, I find them very good value for money. The level of features and performance that’s trickled down from the £100+ models is impressive. For example, you get four microphones ANC for both your audio and your voice calls, with a range of listening modes to suit just built every scenario.

What’s more, the ANC is actually pretty potent, and certainly, it’s more than good enough for most users’ daily needs on their commute to work, the occasional train/flight, and blocking out noise in a coffee shop, that sort of thing. While the voice calls aren’t the greatest quality, I wouldn’t go as far to say they’re bad, just about average for this price range and hey, at least it’s all hands-free, which is great when I’m out for my walk and don’t need to hold my phone.

The acoustic performance is robust, it sounds big and has plenty of bass. Audiophile accurate it is not, but I’ll be damned if it’s not impressive at this price range. I’d say, subjectively, that it sounds great, and music really has impact that you can rock out to, which is fine with me. Audiobooks are my current flavour though and I find these headphones sound warm and detailed, making for an enjoyable listening experience, especially with the ANC enabled, I can really focus on the audiobook and not any nearby traffic noise when I want to.

The build quality is, as we’ve come to expect from 1More, truly excellent. Their design, choice of materials, and overall construction are absolutely wonderful, and of a standard that I’d expect on a set of headphones that cost more than twice as much.

Should I Buy Them?

You would be pretty mad not to consider these headphones. At their MSRP they’re extremely competitive, but there are a few exceptionally good deals on them right now that makes them fiercely competitive. Stylish, well made, with a big fat sound, reasonable battery life and robust ANC… what’s not to love about that? Highly recommended for those wanting a taste of more premium features and more modest prices.

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