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1MORE Stylish Dual-Dynamic In-Ear Wireless Headphones Review


1MORE Stylish

We’re no stranger to a set of 1MORE headphones here at eTeknix. We’ve reviewed their Quad-Driver Hi-Res earphones, the remarkable Triple Driver On-Ear, the innovative Spearhead VRX, or the Triple Driver Hi-Res BT, or the VR BT, and even the Dual Driver BT ANC. Two things have always been consistent, they’re a little expensive (albeit still extremely competitive), and they’ve all been absolutely brilliant. So what’s kicking off down the lower-end of the 1MORE range? The new Stylish headphones, yes, that is their product name. They’re very affordable, but they still promise great performance!

At around £45, they’re basically a £100 cheaper than most 1MORE headphones. However, they still offer a huge set of features. There’s still dual-dynamic drivers, Bluetooth, built-in microphone, fast charging and long battery life, and built-in controls. From a price vs features perspective, that’s a deal that was just too good to pass up. So, let’s take a closer look at what’s on offer!


  • Stylish Dual-Dynamic Driver Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones w/ Microphone And Remote – 1MORE’s patented coaxial dual-dynamic driver design features one titanium + one graphene composite diaphragm with two outer layers of PET to deliver superior sonic detail.
  • Stylish Colour Combinations – Choose between 4 stylish colour options to match your personal preference: rose pink, platinum gold, spearmint green and midnight black. The sound chamber, cable, and ear tips all feature the same colour scheme for a timeless aesthetic.
  • Dual-Dynamic Driver – A dual-dynamic driver featuring one titanium diaphragm + one graphene diaphragm in a coaxial design with two outer layers of PET deliver superior sonic detail with sizzling highs, clear mids, and deep bass.
  • Lossless Bluetooth® Audio – Bluetooth® v4.2 with a wireless range of up to 30 ft. allows you to listen to your favourite music anytime, anywhere. The convenience of Bluetooth® has never looked so good.
  • Fast Charge + 3C Battery – Fully charged, the Stylish BT headphones are capable of 6 hours of use. Fast Charge capabilities give you 3 hours of use with only 10 minutes of charge time due to a 3C battery that is capable of 3x faster-charging speed.
  • Perfected Ergonomics – A soft and flexible neckband with a skin-like silicone material offers more comfort during prolonged use. A built-in memory steel wire allows the neckband to fold for easy storage in your pocket or travel case.


For in-depth specifications, please visit the official product page here.

What 1MORE Had to Say

“The coaxial dual-dynamic driver design ensures balance between the small diameter chamber resulting in premium sound quality. A back-to-back antistrophic coil layout helps to offset magnetic interference and keep the sensitivity high. An antistrophic coil layout also assists in maintaining the consistency of the sound wave propogration from the different diaphragms so you can enjoy superior audio performance.”

What’s in the Box?

As with the more expensive 1MORe models, the packaging is superb. All the technical information is laid out, and the products are both well protected and well presented.

In the box, you’ll find the headphones, obviously. Furthermore, you get a protective bag, USB charging cable, extra earbuds, and all the usual documentation.

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Peter Donnell

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