1More Stylish True Wireless In-Ear Headphones Review

A Closer Look

Since these are wireless in-ear headphones, they obviously are quite compact units. Which is impressive, as each ear bud needs to contain their own drivers, batteries, wireless device, etc. They’re not as slender as say, Apple Air Pods, but they’re hardly cumbersome either. They also come with an egg-like dock that features a built-in battery of its own to charge the headphones while you’re not using them. Of course, it also acts as a protective carry case so you don’t loose or damage them.


This little dock is really pretty neat. Again, I can draw a comparison to the Apple Air Pods, in that it does the same charging and storing functionality as the Apple product. However, I do like this more rounded design, as it sits quite comfortably in your hand, your pocket, your bag

On one side, it has a small push release button to pop open the lid, as well as a tiny LED for charging notifications.


It’s a really neat design, where you can very easily drop in the headphones and they magnetically lock into place. It looks like it’ll be an awkward fit, but they really do drop in snugly with ease. As Ace Ventura would say “LIKE A GLOVE!

There are two pins in here, which allow the headphones to charge with ease. No mucking about with tiny cables or anything, which is obviously a relief.


The headphones sit in there nicely, and with the lid shut, are held firmly in place to prevent them moving, getting scratch or damaged. Once docked, the headphones LEDs light up red to show they are charging and this will change to blue once complete.

The light also turns blue once they’re removed, showing they’re ready for use or connected via Bluetooth. It’ll also flash red/blue really fast if it’s in pairing or searching mode. What’s neat is that if you push them down while they’re in the dock, you’ll hear them give a voice readout of their charging status. This is great as you don’t have to remove them to check.

Either way, they’re dock, they’re charged, and they’re ready to rock.

The Headphones

The design is superb, and pretty much as you would expect from any other high-end in-ear headphone. Of course, there are no cables, but I don’t think the earbuds feel any bigger than you would get from a set of high-end 1More headphones. Instead of fitting them with some crazy quad-driver configuration though, they’ve used the space for the power and connectivity hardware, which is great.

They come fitted with a set of silicone earbuds that have an inner hook to hold them in your ear. You get a couple of sets included, so if they don’t fit just right, you can adjust each one to suit your needs.

Packing their custom 7mm dynamic driver, the headphones promise “powerful bass and exquisite detail” and given 1More’s solid track record, I’ve no reason to doubt that. Of course, I’ll be testing it in a moment too. Each headphone weights just 6.2 grams too, so they’re hardly going to feel like lead weights. This is most impressive given just how much hardware is packed into ear one. Of course, the size does limit the battery to just 55mAh per headphone. This should equate to up to 2.5 hours of music or talk time at 50% volume.

Finally, down the side of each you’ll find a single button. One deals with play/pause commands, while the other can be used to trigger your assistant, such as Google Now.

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