1MORE Triple Driver Hi-Res BT In-Ear Headphones

1MORE Triple Driver

The 1MORE range has been flowing into the eTeknix office steadily over the last few months. Time and time again, we’re blown away by the wealth of quality, style and performance their products have to offer. Today, we’ve got their feature-packed Triple Driver BT In-Ear Headphones to play around with, and I could be more excited. At around £119.99/$129.99 they’re not terribly expensive, and actually pretty good value given their features. However, with support for AAC, as well as LDAC for use over Bluetooth, they support the best mobile codecs available. Furthermore, with the launch of the latest iPhones upon us this week, you’ll find support for AAC on Apple, for lossless BT audio.

Apple Vs Android

When it comes to mobile performance, the 1MORE can keep up with anything the market has ready today and beyond. LDAC offers 990kbps audio transfer rates. Apple devices only support AAC at this time, which is limited to 250kbps, but how many consumers would notice? That’s debatable, as both audio transfer formats are pretty fantastic and Hi-Res Audio compliant. For LDAC, Android Oreo and a newer device are required, but let’s not get too caught up in the complex world of mobile device specifications.

“Bluetooth Chip with LDAC transmission technology provides a meticulous sounding wireless listening experience that does not affect sound quality. LDAC enables 990 kbps of transmission speed which is 3 times higher than ordinary Bluetooth. Therefore, it creates a lossless sound quality when listening to the Hi-Res Audio grade music with Bluetooth connected. *Please use LDAC supported devices for a lossless Bluetooth listening experience.” – 1MORE


  • THREE DRIVERS – Two balanced armatures and a separate dynamic driver deliver an extremely accurate listening experience with unsurpassed dynamic power.
  • PATENTED TRIPLE LAYER DYNAMIC DRIVER – Our patented triple layer dynamic driver is made with aerospace grade metal inside two out layers of PET and features a resilient polymer which greatly increases bass and clarity.
  • HI-RES LDAC BLUETOOTH® CODEC- LDAC – transmission technology provides a meticulous sounding wireless listening experience that does not affect sound quality. LDAC enables 660 kbps of transmission speed which is 3 times higher than ordinary Bluetooth®.
  • DUAL BALANCED ARMATURES – Two dedicated balanced armatures work together to deliver sizzling highs while withstanding higher input power without distortion. They are uniquely inset with durable silicone covers and have two welding points for lasting performance and minimal noise.
    ENC – technology has a precise microphone array that efficiently filters out background noises, meaning communication remains crystal clear no matter which environment you are in.

The Triple Driver are equipped with high-performance drivers for Hi-Res audio, the latest Bluetooth specifications, super fast charging, noise cancelling tech for clear voice chat audio over the build in microphone, and much more. So, enough beating around the bush, let’s dive in for a closer look!

“Dual balanced armatures offer lower distortion and are uniquely placed in the limited space of each chamber. Their high efficiency reproduces high-resolution audio with rich details. Adding the aerospace-grade metal dynamic driver, 1MORE achieves an acoustic that makes incredibly original sounds and a vivid listening experience.” – 1MORE


For in-depth specifications, please visit the official 1MORE website here.

What’s in the Box?

1MORE always deliver a unique and pleasant unboxing experience, and today is no exception. The headphones are nicely displayed and packaged in a removable tray. Behind that tray, you’ll find three more sections, one for the documentation and protective case, one for the charging cable, and one for the additional earbuds; of which there are many sizes!

The protective case is nice and durable with a softer interior, perfect for keeping them scratch free when not in use.

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