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1MORE True Wireless ANC In-Ear Headphones Review

A Closer Look & Performance

The 1MORE dock is quite large on this model, certainly much larger than that of the rival Apple products. However, that’s not a fault, it’s a feature. The larger design simply translates to a much larger battery. The headphones will run for 5 hours with ANC on, 6 hours with ANC off. That’ll increase to 18 hours and 22 hours respectively with charges from this dock.

It features a 410mAh battery with fast charging support. That’ll give you two hours of use with just 15 minutes of charge time and 65 hours of standby time. What’s really cool is that you can charge it with a USB-C cable, so the whole thing recharges really quickly overall. Or you can drop the whole thing on a Qi charger!

Little details add up too, such as the flat rubber grip base so it doesn’t scratch up your desk.

Aluminium outer construction.

Magnetic latch.

And magnetic earphone mounts.

The Headphones

The headphones are really cool looking, with a touch of carbon fibre under a gloss finish top. They’re really nicely finished, albeit, they’re a set of premium 1MORE headphones, so I wouldn’t have expected anything less.

As you can see, the back of them is a little swollen, which allows them extra room for the batteries, wireless gear, and their powerful dual-driver design. 1MORE is well known for class-leading sound quality and I’m happy to report that they haven’t forgotten that this time.

On the back of each earbud, you’ll find a small 1MORE logo as well as a small indicator LED which can flash red or blue to let you know about power, pairing, etc. There’s a small red patch too, which is actually the feedforward ANC microphone.

There’s also a feedback ANC microphone here to detect in-ear noises. There are a few options for ANC too and they’re all pretty awesome. Level 1 is for flying, sitting on the train, that kind of thing, it’ll take out those loud drones and noises. Level 2 is good for blocking background noise in a cafe, general traffic noise, etc. Pass-through is really cool though, as it lets you hear ambient noise by piping it back through the drivers. This is good for when you’re riding a bike and want to hear your music but still need to be somewhat aware of your surroundings.

The fit of the earbuds is fantastic, and there’s a small hoop that helps lock them into your ears even better. They’re perfect angled to anchor their weight down, so they don’t feel like they’re falling away from your ears. Plus, they fit so well they’re passive noise isolation is pretty incredible, so I’m glad they did add that pass-through ANC too. It’s easily changed though, just tap the back of the earbud to change the ANC level and find what suits the situation best.

On the side, you’ll find two small contacts, which allow the earbud to charge when dropped into their dock. There’s also a small button here, which can be used for basic control, power, pairing, etc.

There’s also a small infrared sensor build into them. This allows them to detect when they’re been taken out of your ears, and auto-pause the music. It’s a simple detail, but I like it.

However, it’s the sound quality that really sets these apart. They use a dual-driver design, with a 10mm titanium composite diaphragm dealing with the low-end and mids. 10mm is pretty massive for in-ear headphones, so you really do get a lot of punch from them. Then they have the patented 1MORE Balanced Armature dealing with the high-end stuff. They’ve used a similar design in a few models now, and it never disappoints. They’ve been tuned to give a flat and accurate response and it really shows. However, they can be EQ’d through your phone or media device to suit too.

When you’re done, just drop them into the dock and let them recharge.

Of course, you can even charge a single earbud and keep using one if you like. Either side can be the primary or secondary to suit your needs. Unlike some models from rivals, either headphone can be used to make phone calls too.

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Peter Donnell

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