2GB HD 6570 from HIS Released

/ 6 years ago

HIS Radeon HD 6570

HIS is the first company to put 2GB of GDDR3 memory on a HD 6570 video card. That’s 2GB of GDDR3 over the 128bit memory bus which runs at 1GHz or 32GB/s in memory bandwidth. Although HIS do not specify a particular advantage to having 2GBs of VRAM we expect this card is aimed at a large multi monitor setup in a HTPC and the compliance with HD 3D playback which is often memory intensive. This card is also designed to be compact and silent as it uses a passive heat sink with no cooling fan and is a single slot PCI-E sized video card. The HD 6570 GPU itself is comprised of 480 radeon cores which are direct X 11 compliant for some light gaming and that core is clocked at 650MHz and probably has a fair bit of room for some overclocking too. The card is also  capable of HD, HD 3D, BluRay and BluRay 3D playback.

The card supports AMD eyefinity technology and has VGA/DVI/HDMI out on the rear IO, you will  only be able to use 2 or 3 displays with this card since it has no display ports on it. Power consumption will be up to 75W depending on the load of the card. The card comes in at a reasonable $105/£70 price tag.



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