3 million AMD Fusion APUs Shipped

/ 7 years ago

Late last year AMD began shipping there new Fusion APUs. At the end of 2010 they had around 1 million shipped, but in the last few months this number has increased rapidly and they have now managed to shift over 3 million of them. AMD, as you might expect is very pleased with the numbers. These Fusion APUs account for around half of the Laptop market. Based on the fact that the two APUs currently being shipped by AMD are at the lower end of the scale, it will be interesting to see what happens when the new Llano architecture is released within the upcoming months.

It seems that AMDs plan to snatch a share of the markets previously dominated by Intel is working and only looks to improve within the next few months as newer more powerful designs are released. AMDs Product marketing executive Sasa Marinkovic states that people looking for no nonsense computing or home theater systems will be in the market for Fusion APUs. he goes on to mention Fusion APUs are designed to be low power, low price and at the same time provide powerful graphics and multi-core processing in one package.

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