3 million Dirt 3 keys leaked

/ 6 years ago

In a rather embarrassing incident for Steam and AMD nearly 3 million Dirt 3 keys were leaked all across the internet. The keys were intended to be a reward for AMD card buyers of new cards such as the Sapphire HD 6670 or AMD’s fusion APU processors. The keys are redeemable on Steam by the owner of the coupon which is supplied with the AMD product. However, since the list has been leaked it would now appear the only way to control it is too black list all 3 million keycodes and those with a legitimate coupon as proof of purchase will be able to have it reissued and those that just stole it online will not be able to do that so justice should prevail in the end.

The incident occured when an SQL database was breached by some hackers. Apparently, the database could be easily accessed by a .htaccess exploit. The leak was discovered when Steam users reported the list had become available on an infamous Imageboard website.


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