3D-Printed Violin Looks out of This World

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The 3D-printed two-string violin by MONAD Studios might look like something that could decapitate you, but it most likely won’t. It is however a pretty impressive printing result and the two-string piezoelectric violin will be on display at the 3D Print Design Show in New York on April 16 and 17.

The pictured instrument is only one of four music instruments that were created by MONAD and all will be played by a rotating cast of musicians at the expo.

“Our desire to create unusual instruments emerged when we realised the aesthetic and technical issues we were facing as architects did not differ much from those of musicians and composers,” said MONAD Studio’s Eric Goldemberg to the BBC.


The instruments might look weird, but every musician should be able to play them according to the studio. The sound is said to be more or less like the classical versions, but with a character of their own. Like a Les Paul electric guitar compares to a classical guitar: Both have the same sense of sound, but still different.

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Thanks to BBC for providing us with this information

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