3D Systems And Hershey’s Join Forces To Make Custom Shape Chocolates

/ 4 years ago


3D printing seems to be the biggest headline recently, there are stories popping up for the technology being able to print all kinds of cool stuff such as prosthetics, spare parts for fighter jets, knock-off Lego bricks, and all kinds of crazy stuff. Now it seems that major companies are getting on board to create some more cool stuff, albeit stuff that is hardly going to change the course of human history, but still fun non the less.

The Hershey Company want to modernise their now 120 year old chocolate making business by teaming up with 3D Systems. They plan to explore ways to make use of the emerging technology to allow people to print custom chocolate shapes. So maybe on Valentines day you can give your significant other a chocolate model of your sweet face, or your butt dependant on how much you like said person.

This announcement comes as no surprise though given that 3D Systems recently announced two machines that are capable of 3D printing sugar and chocolate, which obviously got the attention of the people at Hershey’s.

Thank you Gigaom for providing us with this information.


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