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3DFX Post Another Teaser – “New Hardware Goals”?!

While the 3DFX brand is mostly forgotten these days, or at least only remembered by those over a certain age, for a time in the ’90s, they were, without a doubt, one of the biggest names in terms of dedicated graphics card designs. Then, of course, Nvidia bought them out and basically killed the brand. – Earlier this week, however, a Twitter account proclaiming itself to be ‘3DFX Official’ appeared and dropped a pretty huge hint that some major announcements were on the way.

Well, following the latest update on their channel, things certainly appear to be getting interesting as they are now dropping hints towards “new hardware goals”.

3DFX – New Hardware Goals?!

Now, just in case you didn’t read our report earlier this week, let us make this abundantly clear that we are very much erring towards this news of a supposed 3DFX comeback as being entirely fake. Put simply, while there is a tiny slither of possibility that this might be legitimate, there is an absolutely truckload full of evidence to pretty much all but confirm that it is not.

However, let us briefly enter the realms of fantasy and presume that 3DFX is indeed coming back. So, with that in mind, what can we expect in terms of ‘new hardware goals’. Well, the short version is that if you were thinking of graphics cards, you’re probably going to be hugely set for disappointment. Nothing old, nothing new, put simply, with Nvidia having purchased 3DFX back in 2001, the chances of them being able to get back into the graphics card market, without seemingly owning the rights to any of the technology anymore, is zilch!

So, what do we think? Well, as noted in our prior article, we suspect that if this really is happening, consumers should think more in terms of aesthetics, clothing, and/or peripherals.

What Do We Think?

I honestly struggle to merit the purpose of carrying on at this point as I’m pretty certain that this is just a rather well-played troll by person/s who managed to snag a pretty good Twitter handle. Again though, presuming 3DFX is coming back, what could we expect? – Well, hardware is of course a very blanket term. This could be branded backplates for existing graphics cards (you know, for that retro look), or it’s entirely possible some deal has been struck for the creation of themed peripherals (keyboards, keycaps, headsets, mice, etc.).

With an announcement supposedly set to be made this Thursday, we’ll know more (apparently) in the very near future. Ruling out the very likely possibility that this is a joke, however, if 3DFX is back, I suspect that it’s going to be in name only. – Let’s face it though, who wouldn’t want a nice hoodie with their logo and perhaps a Voodoo graphics card printed on it?

What do you think? Can you see any possibility that this is not fake? If so, what ‘hardware’ do you think they are going to announce? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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