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3DFX, the Former GPU Giant, Teases a Comeback!

Throughout the ’90s, 3DFX Interactive was arguably one of the biggest dedicated graphics card manufacturers around. If you’re old enough to remember them, then you’re probably already getting flashbacks to the exceptionally glossy Voodoo GPUs advertised within gaming magazines, and perhaps the plans you formulated in attempting to get your parents to buy you one to slot next to your Pentium 100. – For nearly 20 years, however, the company has been dead. Bought out by Nvidia and effectively made defunct.

Following a number of Twitter posts, however, ‘3DFX Official’ is teasing that a comeback is on the way. As you might expect though, the chances of this actually happening, in terms of new Voodoo graphics cards, are slim to zilch!

3DFX Are (Not?) Making a Comeback!

Seemingly coming from their official Twitter account (which incidentally doesn’t yet have the blue checkmark, but more on the doubts shortly) 3DFX has issued a number of teasing posts suggesting that a major announcement will be made from the former graphics card manufacturer at some point this week. – Now, if this is proven correct, then it would clearly be some very exciting news and particularly so for those who hold the company in such fond nostalgic memory.

Is this really happening though? Well, having done a little research on this supposed comeback, we’re 102% certain (with a 2% margin of error) that this is fake.

Why We Think This is Fake?

The evidence against this not being a legitimate comeback from 3DFX is pretty overwhelming. Rather than going into every specific detail, however, I’m simply going to break it down into a few of the key points:

  • The image used in the teaser has been cited as a fan designed concept from 2014 – Paying homage to the artwork seen on the old Voodoo graphics cards
  • From an official business standpoint, the 3DFX branding has not been officially been touched since 2007 (source)
  • The last known registered trading address for 3DFX is now a Presbyterian Church (source)
  • As noted above, the Twitter account itself was only created last month and has yet to receive the ‘blue tick’ endorsement from the social media platform
  • Although pending confirmation, it seems likely that Nvidia still owns the 3DFX brand or at least intellectual property, even if they haven’t chosen to use it in 20 years

The only way I can possibly see this as being legitimate is if someone has managed to snag the 3DFX trademark. Presuming Nvidia let it lapse, which is a possibility, then it’s entirely possible that we could see some ‘official’ merchandise from the company (t-shirts, mugs, hoodies, etc.), but in terms of an actual graphics card? Well, if it was April 1st, that would make it a little more on the nose as to how we feel about this announcement.

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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