3Doodler; a pen that can draw in the air! on Kickstarter

/ 5 years ago


3D printing is already asserting its self as one of the next big things in our world, the prospect of being able to print spare or replacement parts, temporary fixes, simple tools, toys, or even just creative art works is quickly becoming a reality.

As prices come down on the bigger and more complex world of 3D printing, other people have been out there scratching their heads and continuing to innovate with the technology. Why carry around a full 3D printer when you can now get it in pen form?

Ok so its not exactly a Biro, but the 3Doodler uses heated plastic instead of ink, as you draw with it the plastic cools and your able to pick it up and use the object you have just drawn.

  • Basic 3D shapes and 3D models
  • Jewellery, pendants and hanging ornaments
  • Decorative art and fridge magnets
  • Personalization of everyday objects (iPhone cases, laptops, pens, etc.)
  • A mini Eiffel Tower or a soccer pitch for your Lego men
  • And much much more…


3Doodler is aiming to raise $30,000 on Kickstarter to achieve its goal of bringing this product to market and with 304 backers and over $25,000 raised at time of writing it seems they are off to a good start. With 33 days remaining, I don’t think they will have much trouble completing their Kickstarter goals.

Check out their official Kickstarter page here

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