3DS update, 2 new Mario games and new 3DS colour coming out

/ 6 years ago

This November Nintendo will be releasing a system update for the 3DS which will allow users to record video in 3D and viewing is still without  glasses, the update will also include more challenges for those that have completed all the content on StreetPass Mii Plaza.

Nintendo have also released details of the two latest Mario titles, Super Mario 3D Land is scheduled for release on the 18th of November and is Mario’s first truly 3D platform action game and can be played either using conventional controls or using the in-built gyro’s, the second title is Mario Kart 7 which is set to hit the shelves on the 2nd of December and features a new first person view which can be controlled using the systems gyro’s also introducing new characters like Lakitu and Metal Mario.

Nintendo are releasing a new metallic red 3DS (seen in the picture above) across Europe on the 30th of this September this year to celebrate the sale of over one million units of the 3DS in Europe.

They have also released details of upcoming titles to hit in 2012, there is mention of a Mario 3D tennis title, 3D Animal Crossing, Luigi’s mansion, Paper Mario and Kid Icarus: Uprising which is also being developed into an animation to be released free on the Nintendo Video service.

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