3M unveils 84″ multi-touch tabletop UHD display unit

/ 5 years ago

3M is showing off their 84 inch touch table at CES which is reminiscent of Microsoft’s try at the “Surface tabletop touch”.

This is 3M’s successor model to its 46 inch model that they showed last year, but the device is still under development and its expected to launch during the second half of this year. It has also been said on the video that the retail version will support up to 80- 100 simultaneous touches. For now, the panel does about 40 simultaneous inputs at a time.

The difference in comparison to its predecessor model is that it uses a UHD resolution- 3840 x 2160, unlike the previous model that uses 1080p resolution. 3M also switched from ITO-based sensors to a wire-based solution to achieve a large size panel without any performance degradation.

Source: The Verge 


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