4 HIS HD 7970 X cards set 3D Mark Vantage world record

/ 5 years ago

Four HIS 7970 X cards clocked at 1480MHz Core and 1910MHz Memory (7640MHz effective) achieved 84669 marks on 3Dmark Vantage. The 4 HIS 7970 X cards performed at this level thanks to HKEPC OC Lab’s sophisticated “Tin Shui Wai” System.  According to John Lam, the Team Captain and a renowned overclocker, “Tin Shui Wai” is a LN2 Chilled Water Cooling System, modified from “Kingpin F1” to provide the most stable Subzero Cooling system for 4 Way Crossfire X.

The unbeatable OC performance and the flashy design of “Tin Shui Wai” System gained much attention from visitors and media during the demonstration at Computex, Taipei.

You can see the submission here.


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