4K Samsung NX1 Camera Due For US Release

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Samsung’s top end SMART camera, the NX1, their first camera capable of shooting 4K video, is due for sale in the US imminently. The camera was originally slated for US release last month, but shipments didn’t materialise. The NX1 has received positive buzz, being used by Joseph Gordon-Levitt to shoot a new movie, In a City.

The NX1 is a SMART camera, which has all the functionality of a DSLR but it’s smaller and lighter. The camera has a 28.2-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, capable of 15fps continuous shooting, with a 3-inch Super AMOLED articulating screen, EVF with 1,366 x 758 resolution, NFC and WiFi. Its new auto-focusing system can detect 205 different phase points across 90% of the frame.

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Sale price for the body-only NX1 is $1,500, rising to $2,800 including a 16-50mm, grip, and external charger. The unit is meant to be on sale now, but seems only to be available for pre-order at US retailers at present.

Source: engadget

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