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5 of The Best Free-to-Play Games Available on Android

Today I’m going to be diving into the world of Android gaming, more specifically “free-to-play” games. While not all of these games are true free to play titles, they are at the very least games you can download for free and enjoy enough of them to get you through a lazy afternoon, or in some cases they are fully fledged, free experiences.

There are plenty of premium titles on the Android store and its hard to know where to put your money, but when it comes to free titles the only thing stopping you from playing them is the time it takes to download them, or your devices capabilities. Hopefully though I can save you a little time today and make reading the next few pages an easier experience in finding some great free games than it would be to drag your way through the millions of titles available on the Android Store.

If you have any suggestions of the games that you think are great free-to-play games then feel free to leave a comment below for others to read and we may even add them to future articles.

For those of you who are interested, the games were played on two devices, the HTC One X+ and the OverclockersUK Ultima 10.1″ tablet.

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Peter Donnell @Xavilend

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  • What about Simpsons Tapped out? Fantastic game, you should do a top 5/10 apps story every month for all the new stuff released, I don't know about anyone else but I am getting more and more into android/ipad gaming.

    • I have downloaded it, but its finding time to play them all ¬_¬ A real first world problem, which is why I stuck to only covering games which I have both played and approve of personally for the time being.

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