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5 Things that Look Like (But are Better Than) Tesla’s Cybertruck

The first words out of the mouth of Elon Musk when he revealed the Tesla Cybertruck: “It doesn’t look like anything else”. Well, while we wouldn’t go that far, it’s certainly eye-catching if nothing else. You’d almost suspect that Elon had just found his long-lost half brother and had allowed him to design it.

Tesla Cybertruck

Admittedly, if we can get beyond the absolutely bizarre level of the design, the Tesla Cybertruck does pack some pretty amazing features. Particularly in terms of storage options.

Have we never seen anything quite like it before, though? Well, respectfully Mr. Musk, we at eTeknix disagree! – Let’s, therefore, have a look at five things that resemble the Tesla Cybertruck, but are (in our opinion) better!

Things that Look Like the Tesla Cybertruck – #1 The DeLorean

Stainless steel body, lots of angles, and a design that looks like it came from the future. We have seen all of those things rolled into one package before and that is in the absolutely glorious DeLorean.

I will freely admit, I am a huge fan of the DeLorean. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that this is my dream car. Yes, I have driven one and know that they’re not actually very good. I don’t care though. If this was sat in my garage I think I’d just spend all day cleaning and looking at it!

WHY THIS IS BETTER – When you hit 88mph in this baby, you’ll see some serious shi*t!

#2 – The Tank From Aliens

I think many would agree that out of the entire franchise, Aliens (the 2nd film) is the best one. While the ‘tank’ in that film played only a moderately small roll, it is still iconic and highly recognizable.

You have to ask yourself a question, in the event of an Alien apocalypse, which would you rather have in your bid to escape?

WHY THIS IS BETTER – Far greater alien smashing potential!

#3 – Elite

Ok, so this one I’ll admit is a bit of an obscure reference. If you are from the UK and are old enough to have owned an Acorn Electron, however, then you probably had encountered ‘Elite’ at some point.

The game itself was, actually, amazingly advanced for the time with an essentially endless universe to explore. Call me crazy though, but looking at the title screen, I’m starting to think that Elon might have owned this game too.

WHY THIS IS BETTER – You can’t endlessly traverse the universe in a Tesla

#4 Most Cars From the PS1 Era

I wish I could find and credit the person who ‘de-maked’ the image below because it looks amazing. You have to admit though, in this form, you’re instantly brought back to the world of PS1 era games where polygon limitations meant that a lot of the cars had a semi-boxy appearance.

WHY THIS IS BETTER – It makes me want to play Gran Turismo!

#5 – Top Gears ‘Geoff’

A stainless steel electric car? Sorry Elon Musk but Top Gear had that idea years ago. Admittedly, the ‘Geoff’ turned out to be something of a disaster, but it still pretty much fulfilled the vast majority of the features your new Cybertruck does.

WHY THIS IS BETTER – You can make this yourself for a lot less money!

What Do You Think? – What Looks Like But is Better than the Tesla Cybertruck?

You’ve heard our suggestions, not we want to hear (or more accurately, see) yours! – Post in the comments your own suggestions for things that look like Tesla’s Cybertruck but are, in your opinion, better!

If you want some more inspiration, you can check out the official Tesla Cybertruck website via the link here!

Come on internet! – Show us what you’ve got!

Mike Sanders

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