50 Inch 4K TV Now Available For Just $1299

/ 5 years ago


Ever wanted to get one of the latest 4K TVs, but found Sony’s $4,999 minimum price tag just way too high? Then Seiki have got exactly the solution for you. Their 50 inch 2160P, or 4K, resolution display costs an impressively-low $1299 delivered. They are in stock already and you could probably have one within a few days if you ordered soon.

The Seiki TV boasts impressive specifications:

  • 50 inch display size
  • 2160p or 3840 by 2160 resolution
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • 5000:1 native contrast ratio
  • 6.5ms response time
  • 120HZ
  • LED Backlit – 130W Power Consumption
  • 3 HDMI ports

On the face of things this deal is clearly very impressive. Although, for the more cautious consumer there are a few reasons to wait for other people to take the plunge first. 4Ks impact at the 50 inch size may be reduced, Seiki are a relatively unknown company with unknown production quality and standards. A new HDMI standard is also expected this summer for 4K and there are currently no 4K streaming content devices until Sony’s first 4K media player arrives.

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However, at a sub $2k price point it does seem almost too good to refuse. Like we mentioned Sony’s 4K TVs cost $4999 (55 inch) and $6999 (65 inch) and that’s for the cheaper models too. I myself would exercise restraint because if something seems too goo to be true then it normally is. Keep a close eye for reviews and tests on this TV as they are sure to come soon and they could be real interesting to see.

What are your thoughts on this $1299 4K TV?



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8 Responses to “50 Inch 4K TV Now Available For Just $1299”
  1. Well it may actually be a good TV for normal usage people like myself, I purchased a cheap LED TV (Hannspree) 2 years ago and I love the picture quality on it while gaming and watching HD content. So if it’s as good as my Hannspree then I may consider it.

  2. JMHJ says:

    I agree with you, what usualy sounds too good to be true,usualy is. A few years back (when LED was the “new thing”) i bought a 40” LCD Bravia from Sony, i could have had things with almost the same stats for 60-80% of its price but when I’ve seen them compared next to each other, the Sony just had WAY higher image quality and im stil very pleased with it. Also am I misstaken here or is 120 Hz not horrible for such a big screen? When i bought my LCD i remembering wanting one over 200 Hz because everything under had pretty bad motion blur. And Sony’s Tvs all have Motionflow XR 800 Hz now, dont they?

  3. d6bmg says:

    great pricing if it really is priced like that.

  4. ZangraVilz says:

    120mhz are really nice, but this not 4x1080p (4320p). I dont know if we should call it “Ultra HD”. This is like a biger version of my 27″ ips computer screen (1440p). If I get a 30″, so 3 more inch in the top compare to a 27″, I get 1600p, but in any 3×3 square randomly selected on both screen the number of pixel will look the same between 27″ and 30″. This bunch of 50″ look like this. This is an upgrade, but this is not a revolution.

    The K in “4k” mean for my kilo, like thousand or kb (1000 bytes). 2160p are nice and I’m glade to say at this new price I’ll probably buy one, but give me any rumour of a 4320p and I’ll wait.

  5. Joseph White says:


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