$5,000 Mega Tivo Looks Like Rack Server

/ 3 years ago

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Every few months I get to a point with my Sky+ box where I realise I’ve got just a few percent of the storage remaining. Then starts the race, do I delete stuff I want to keep, or try to watch all the unseen stuff in a short space of time, so that I can then delete it and free up space for my pending recordings! It’s a tough moment to deal with and a fine example of a first world problem.

There is one solution, or at least one way of delaying this situation from happening for a very long time, a Tivo that packs an impressive 24TB of storage, wow!


This monster PVR holds 24TB of storage in a RAID 5 configuration, features hot-swappable drives and packs enough space for 26,000 hours of SD footage, more than enough for three years of TV back to back.

Recording in HD takes a big hit on the system, kicking you down to a mere 4,000 hours of recording time, which is about five months. Although chances are you’ll be recording a mixture of HD and SD so you should get something well above five months and this is of course still significantly more than the stock TiVo offerings.

It’ll be easy to fill too, given that the TiVo mega features six tuners for recording, so it’s unlikely you’ll run into many conflicts. Want to watch multiple shows on multiple screens and devices? No problem, the Mega will stream to movies phones, tablets and more over a network.

The TiVo Mega is impressive, but the downside is that it costs $5,000! Meanwhile you could just build your own NAS and save yourself a fortune.

Thank you The Verge for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of The Verge.

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One Response to “$5,000 Mega Tivo Looks Like Rack Server”
  1. Xavier Isaacson says:

    I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how even a large family could possibly have that much time on their hands to watch TV. What possible use could this thing be to anyone?

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