5000 more Wi-Fi hotspots for European 3DS owners.

/ 6 years ago

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Nintendo has published a press release that they have partnered with  free-hotspot.com to offer up 5000 new and free Wi-Fi locations throughout Europe for 3DS owners.

Laurent Fischer (Nintendo Europe marketing and PR director)  “With such an extensive European-wide Wi-Fi access network, partnering with free-hotspot.com made absolute sense.  The access points are largely located in popular restaurants and hotels – places where Nintendo 3DS owners are likely to want, and to unwind in.”

Now all you Nintendo owners  can automatically connect to free-hotspot.com’s network in a large number of fast food restaurants and hotel chains across Europe, including McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, Subway, Ibis Hotels and Etap Hotels.   The press release went on to say;

Once connected to the internet, special and exciting content can be received automatically to your Nintendo 3DS system via SpotPass™, even whilst your Nintendo 3DS system is in Sleep Mode. Some of the exclusive content you could receive include unique 3D videos from the Nintendo Video™ service, notifications, extra content for your software and system updates which can all be received without lifting a finger.

When you next have time while waiting to be served or while being checked in at a hotel, why not also browse the Internet for free and check out your favourite websites or even access the Nintendo eShop? Enjoy looking through, downloading and playing the latest Nintendo 3DS Download Software and classic titles from the Nintendo Virtual Console™ – all available from the Nintendo eShop.

Obviously this is great news for all you gamers on the go, Nintendo could do with a boost after a sales decline this year but I personally don’t think this is going to help there sales much.

Source: Engadget

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