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6 New AMD Processors in Full Production for Early 2022 Release?

It’s well known that AMD has been developing new Zen3+-based APU-style processors (CPUs with integrated graphics adaptors) for quite some time now. They have, after all, done this pretty regularly throughout most (but certainly not all) of the Ryzen range. Following a Twitter post from reliable leak source ‘@greymon55‘, however, it seems that not only is this new range already in full-blown production, but it’s looking exceptionally likely to get released in early 2022!

AMD Ryzen 6000 APUs?

Cited as being the APU “Rembrandt” architecture, it’s understood that these upcoming processors will be utilising a modified version of the Ryzen 5000 Zen3 chipset that will include, as noted above, an integrated Navi2-based graphics architecture. In other words, with this processor, you will be able to get a display output without the need for a dedicated graphics card solution.

Thought to be coming under the Ryzen 6000 naming, it’s believed that this series will be entirely APU-based. Something that is not, on the whole, overly surprising. After all, there was no ‘standard’ Ryzen 4000 processors as that series was also entirely exclusive to an APU design.

A Release is Coming Soon? With DDR5?

It’s believed that AMD will formally announce the launch of these new processors at CES 2022 which is set to start on January 7th. With 6 models reportedly already in full production, therefore, if you are after a potent but affordable processor that has all the graphical needs a generic user would require, then this new ‘Ryzen 6000’ series might just be perfect for you. Particularly given the current stock situation with dedicated graphics cards.

More so though, although clearly pending confirmation, it’s strongly rumoured that this Ryzen 6000 APU series will mark Team Red’s official debut of DDR5 memory. While it was initially believed that AMD would launch this in conjunction with their Ryzen 7000 ‘Raphael’ series in late 2022 (skipping a series to presumably start matching their GPU numbering), going ahead with this DDR5 technology a little early does make a lot of sense. Not least in the fact that it will establish the memory platform with Team Red only a few months after its initial debut with Intel’s Alder Lake-S platform.

At this point though, the speculation starts to run rampant! I mean, what chipset will this Ryzen 6000 APU be using? One would presume it’s sticking with the AM4 socket. Who knows though, maybe AMD already has some AM5 motherboards on the horizon too. – Before we fall down even more rabbit holes of thought, however, let us sum this all up by saying that despite early to mid-2022 initially looking a bit boring for fans of AMD, things could be getting very interesting and in the very near future too!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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