6% Of All American Adults Now Use Reddit

/ 4 years ago


Reddit seems to be becoming ever more popular in recent years and new research suggest that the online social forum Reddit now boasts 6% of online adults in the USA as regular readers/users according to Pew Research. Reddit has taken off in popularity in recent times after lingering in the shadow of Digg for many years. Digg has more or less fizzled out to nothing while Reddit has now become so popular it is close to becoming a household name in the USA, particularly among young adults.

As the graph above demonstrates Reddit is certainly most popular with young adults and is definitely more popular with men in general. It is certainly interesting to see that Reddit is still popular with 30-49 year olds and the study tells us that Reddit has significant influence on U.S adults. In fact with Reddit often taking strong political stances against internet-related issues, such as SOPA, PIPA and the recent NSA scandal, it is easy to see how Reddit is able to exert massive influence on U.S politics. That said Reddit’s growth certainly doesn’t show any sign of slowing and everyone certainly hopes it won’t suffer the same fate as Digg.

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Image courtesy of Pew Research Center.

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