60% of gamers won’t buy consoles that block used games: GameStop

/ 4 years ago

GameStop’s CFO Rob Lloyd spoke during a recent technology and internet conference hosted by Goldman Sachs. He said that 60% of the customers said that they would not buy a new console if it doesn’t let them play used titles.

He also added that gamers want the ability to use pre-owned games and have the portability and physical presence of a game in a disc.

used games

But one need to note that GameStop wasn’t clear how they’ve collected the survey results and considering that the company benefits from used game sales, such statements would be pretty obvious. But he did point out that console gamers would be alienated if their favourite platform restricts them to buy used games and it’s a risky move.

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But on the other hand, there is an equal amount of chance that game publishers and console manufacturers will earn money from every game sale. Even if it alienates console gamers6, they may buy the game.

Source: Ars Technica

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  • Oh yeah. Of the 60% that say they won’t buy that particular console, 55% will quickly change their minds when the console releases.