750 Million Active Users Of Google Chrome

/ 4 years ago


Google Chrome is proving more and more popular by the day as it increases its market share over Internet Explorer, Firefox and many others.

It was only last year that Google Chrome surpassed the total number of users of Internet Explorer, although I feel more of them may have moved over from IE and Firefox as opposed to new users coming on board out of thin air and that many people have simply stopped using the offerings from Microsoft and Mozilla.

Google is currently running their I/O developer conference and last Wednesday they said that Google Chrome now has a staggering 750 million users, which is a simply mind blowing and impressive number and a whopping 300 million higher users that their was at this time last year.

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Given that Chrome only launched back in 2008 it’s amazing how fast it dominated the market, yet since I personally started using the original beta product I haven’t looked back and while I still hold Firefox in high regard I find it because too cluttered and slow as the browser became more established.

So, are you one of the 750 million users of Chrome, or do you have another preference? Let us know what you use in the comments section below.


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  • Yeah. Chrome is the bees knees. I’ve also used it since it’s beta inception. I never liked Firefox. I’d rather use IE before Firefox.

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