7yr Old Girl Gets 3D Printed Robohand – Only Cost $50 to Produce!

/ 3 years ago

Faith Lennox

3D printing has revolutionized the world of prosthetics, making prototyping and modifications of prosthetics a much quicker process, while also drastically reducing the cost of creating the required components.

After losing her left hand at just 9 months old, now seven years old Faith Lennox just received her new custom-made 3D printed prosthetic. Unlike medial prosthetics, Faith was able to choose her favourite colours for the new lightweight hand.

“E-Nable provides open-source technology for building the hand, Lengsfeld said, making it economical for anyone with the right printer and a set of instructions to create one. Faith’s only costs $50, and when she outgrows it she can easily build a bigger replacement.” said Mark Lengsfeld of E-Nable

It’s amazing how far this kind of technology has developed and we look forward to seeing it put to use in amazing ways such as this, time and time again.

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