8Pack launches the Domin8 Extreme Water-Cooled Overclocked PC

8Pack, Through OverClockersUK, has launched the new Domin8 Extreme Water-Cooled Overclocked PC featuring the latest components fully water-cooled and overclocked for additional performance.

8Pack Domin8

The 8Pack Domin8 features a fully customised Corsair 1000D sporting the 8Pack design and features a full custom loop keeping some of the most powerful components cool. Within the Domin8 is an Intel Sapphire Rapids CPU which has been overclocked to offer an extra 45% performance over its stock configuration. For graphics, it goes as far as possible with two RTX 4090 GPUs fully water blocked and overclocked for the best performance whilst also maintaining stability though I don’t think SLI and stability are meant to go together. The Domin8 uses an ASUS W790 WS Sage with 256GB DDR at 4800MHz utilising all 8 available channels on the motherboard. In terms of storage, there is offerings of up to 48TB including 2x Corsair Gen5 2TB NVME drives, 1x WD 850X Gen4 4TB drive, and 2x WD Red HDD 20TB drives, with further storage options available. Powering this mighty selection of hardware is two Superflower 8Pack Edition 2000W Modular PSUs with an 80-Plus Platinum rating.

Custom Cooling System

Keeping this high-end hardware cooled and running at its maximum potential is the fully custom dual water-cooling system. This system features a dedicated loop for just the GPUs and another for the rest of the components. The loop makes use of two Nexalus 8Pack custom-made 480mm radiators equipped with Phanteks D30 fans for high static pressure and fantastic airflow. Each of these loops feature dedicated Nexalus 8Pack pumps which are optimised to provide 25% improved flow whilst only taking up two-thirds of the space. Keeping the CPU and motherboard components cool is a full custom-built monoblock with a white colour and hexagonal theme that is echoed across the rest of the case. Both of these loops can be controlled individually thanks to the inclusion of two Aquaero fan controllers.

Fully Custom 1000D Chassis

This custom machine utilises the massive Corsair 1000D case with a clean and stylish white aesthetics with several hexagonal patterns. The case has been heavily modified to meet the needs of the flagship hardware with the hexagonal cutouts providing additional airflow and changes to meet the addition of dual PSU functionality. To showcase the impressive hardware inside, the 8Pack Domin8 features a custom lightbox and tempered glass side panel to display the system in all its powerful glory.

Where Can I Learn More?

The 8Pack Domin8 will be available from for a price of £32,999.99. You can also further customise the system to suit your needs including cables, coolant and paint.

Jakob Aylesbury

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