Only 9% of Google+ Profiles Active

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In the least surprising news ever, it has been revealed that no one is using the Google+. Kevin Anderson, an analytics blogger, has charted Google+’s usage statistics and, though 2.2 billion people have accounts with the social network, only 9% of users have ever posted on it.

Anderson’s data comes from Edward Morbius, who posted his findings on rival social network Ello. In his post, Morbius quotes Head of Google+ Dave Besbris who, in an interview with Re/Code last year, said, regarding user figures, “I don’t want to talk about numbers”.  This is why:

  • Of the 2.2 billion Google+ profiles, only 9% have publicly-posted content;
  • 37% of those profiles have only commented on YouTube videos, and 8% are profile photo changes;
  • 6% of active profiles have activity for 2015;
  • Half of active profiles in 2015 only have YouTube posts;
  • So, around 0.2 of all Google+ profiles have made public posts in 2015.
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google plus graph

Ironically, Morbius is a regular user of Google+.

Source: Business Insider

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4 Responses to “Only 9% of Google+ Profiles Active”
  1. More anti G+ propaganda. Yawn! Far from being a ghost town, I have more friends and social activity on G+ than anywhere else. Most of them do not post publicly, just like most Facebook users don’t post publicly, but rather make private posts that only select circles can see. Then there are those who don’t necessarily share something themselves all the time, but are on daily making comments/replies on other people’s posts. To take a mere sample of just publicly posted content and say that this represents all of the activity on a social network is intentionally misleading. Apply the same poor methodology to Facebook and you would get a ridiculous inaccurate number as well.

  2. Voidflakes says:

    I do hope these numbers pave the way to having our hostage YouTube accounts released from Google’s dark basement. It’s been years now, and having a unified log-in is as poor an idea now as it was when they first implemented it

  3. Microsoftjunkie says:


  4. Hahahaha i use now and then,i will be one of the hardly active users

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