9 Series AM3+ motherboards still cannot utilise SLI

/ 6 years ago

Although AMD has for the first time bought an SLI license for its AM3+ socket of motherboards and has developed the 9 series chipset to support SLI configurations, the current Nvidia drivers will not support SLI on 990FX boards.

The board in question was a Gigabyte 990FX UD7 and it was tested with a pair GTX 570’s utilising Nvidia’s latest 275.33 beta drivers. The system would recognise both cards at the same time but not in an SLI configuration. Gigabyte responded to the concern by stating that consumers should wait for the newest Nvidia 255 drivers to be released as they are currently still in beta and when they have been released that should allow AM3+ board owners to utilise SLI configurations.

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  • Eternalchaos

    I believe some reviewer were given a drivers that had limited SLI support but they were based on the old 270.77beta

  • Si KeVin

    Oh boy…:confused:

  • lucas4

    this would have been far more problematic if the BD CPU's were out and loads of people experienced this problem.maybe the delay has had its 1st good point :p!

  • dav532000

    Beta Drivers oh well.

  • lucas4

    There was always gonna b a catch wen NVIDIA took sli to AMD :rolleyes:

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