The 90’s are Coming Back to Annoy us

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List all of the annoying things from the 1990’s that you loved for about 30 seconds of ownership and then threw it under the bed or in the bin. I bet the Tamagotchi was in there somewhere; the little blob of a pet that required more attention than a baby and lived longer than your goldfish has now found a new home; on your arm.

The small display of the original Tamagotchi is a perfect fit for your brand new Apple Watch. It’s been given a small 21st-century makeover, but the annoyance is the same.


So for our readers who don’t know what a Tamagotchi is, here’s a quick run-down, it hatches from an egg into an unidentifiable animal/ Pokemon thing, you care for it for about 3 days by playing with it, feeding it and cleaning up after it and then it dies sometime in the future from neglect; someone call the RSPCT.

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Now despite getting up to speed with the times, it doesn’t have the same life or death feel as the original. Maybe because it now sits on your arm all day and the constant notifications annoy the hell out of you, or the fact that Bandai Namco couldn’t fully integrate all of the features over. That means there is no animation from the little guy (or girl) when you interact with it and playing with it has become non-existent; so filling the Happy meter proves rather difficult. At least the cleaning up little blobs of pixelated excrement gives the same rewarding experience.

I think if I had an Apple Watch, I sure as heck wouldn’t download this; I’ve already got a child that nags me all day long, I don’t need drain on life resources just yet.

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