A.C. Ryan Europe Bankrupt

/ 5 years ago

Edit: Scan Computers International have confirmed that their A.C. Ryan product warranties will be honoured by A.C. Ryan Singapore, other European retailers will probably make/ have already made similar arrangements

Reports from online dutch publications have now confirmed that the European branch of the company A.C. Ryan is bankrupt. The company has branches all across the world, but the bankruptcy of the European HQ is particularly worrying for customers given the fact A.C. Ryan claim:

From our start in 1992, AC Ryan has grown to become a leading International CE manufacturer with 4 offices spread across Europe and Asia. Our company HQ is based in The Netherlands, where the products are conceptualised and sold in over 30 countries.

An anonymous employee had stated that the bankruptcy of the company was a result of wrong decisions by the staff at the top, he/she stated that the company had made consecutive commercially-wrong decisions which eventually led to their bankruptcy.

The European HQ offices in Rotterdam, Holland, have been listed on a property rental site and currently no one is returning calls at the HQ – suggesting it has been totally vacated by A.C. Ryan.

A.C. Ryan Europe has been listed on two dutch financial websites as being insolvent.

Unfortunately, we don’t know what the situation is regarding product warranties and after sales support. We would advise anyone who is considering purchasing an A.C. Ryan product, to be very wary that the product may not have its warranty fulfilled – so avoid buying until A.C. Ryan make a statement.

We have contacted our retailing partners and are awaiting news from them as to whether they are any more informed than us on the A.C. Ryan Europe situation. A.C. Singapore is still believed to be active.

You can see bankruptcy confirmation listings here and here.



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