A new mouse from Targus unlike any other

/ 6 years ago

When you think you couldn’t care less about a mouse, that’s when you’re wrong, and Targus is the one responsible for proving you wrong with their latest mouse, the Targus Wi-Fi Laser Mouse.

The particularity about this mouse is that it’s based on Ozmo’s Wi-Fi PAN technology, or in other words, Wi-Fi Personal Area Network technology.

Incorporated in this mouse is Ozmo’s OZMO2000 solution, the first of its kind, which enables your mouse to connect to your computer or laptop’s built-in Wi-Fi receiver.

While in the past we’ve seen cables in the beginning, USB receivers and Bluetooth connectivity, there was always a problem of cable hanging around, a USB receiver being either too long or lost, and Bluetooth compatibility, or in some cases, the customer left wondering whether his laptop had Bluetooth or not.

Well, this time is over, as you can just use this mouse without worrying about that, since most laptops these days have a built-in Wi-Fi receiver.

The Wi-Fi Laser Mouse (AMW58US) features a high-precision laser sensor that allows for accurate performance on pretty much any surface and an integrated four-way scroll wheel for going both horizontally and vertically. It also supports Windows 7 Task switching right out of the box using a simple button.

The mouse comes with two high-quality Energizer batteries which are designed to provide up to 9 months of battery life, depending on usage of course.

The Targus Wi-Fi Laser Mouse will be available sometime this month for a retail price of $49.99.



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