Abkoncore TN Series 700w Power Supply Review

We must confess that until recently we hadn’t heard much about the Abkoncore brand. Since the start of 2020, however, the company has been releasing more and more new products on what’s starting to feel like a weekly basis. Put simply, they seem to be giving the Western market a really solid swing and with power supplies to chassis designs, they’re an up and coming brand that’s well worth checking out.

In this specific instance, however, we reached out to Abkoncore to see if their recently launched TN (Tenergy) Series power supplies were anything as good as they looked!

Abkoncore Tenergy (TN Series) Power Supply

Obliging us with the 700w model from the TN (Tenergy) Series range, this design from Abkoncore is very eye-catching and certainly warrants a closer look. With its fully modular design and bronze efficiency rating, it certainly sounds like a good power supply. Let’s, therefore, take a look at some of the features and specifications from this design! And, of course, get some testing done!


  • 80 Plus Bronze Certified
  • Up to 82% efficiency or higher under technical loads
  • Green environmental protection power
  • Excellent compatibility with pure energy saving power
  • Built with the highest quality components to deliver more efficient power to your PC
  • ACTIVE PSC – For powerful performance and high efficiency with a maximum power factor of 99%
  • 13.5cm high air flow fan/diverse safety protection circuits/double EMI filter to remove noise
  • Plus 12V single rail / double forward design


For more details specifications, please visit the official product page via the link here!


With a fully-modular design, the Abkoncore TN Series provides you with more than enough connections to hook up even some of the most high-end gaming PC systems you could imagine.

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Mike Sanders

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