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Acer Gets Hacked With $50M Ransomware Demand!

Ransomware undoubtedly represents one of the most odious means of exploiting users and businesses. Put simply, the main premise behind it is that your files get encrypted with (pretty much) your only means of recovering them being to pay whatever fee the hacker (or hacking group) demands. – If you want to see just how pervasive (and successful) such cyber-attacks have been, click on the link here to see masses of examples from major companies!

Following a report via Engadget, however, it would appear that Acer is the next big name to have been successfully targeted with a significant data breach seemingly confirmed!

Acer Hit With Ransomware Attack

We should note that, at least at the time of writing, details are still very vague about exactly what has happened here. While Acer has confirmed that something has occurred, they have not yet gone as far as to categorically say that have been hit with a ransomware attack.

With the group seemingly posting a lot of evidence online, however, it has many convinced that this is entirely genuine. More so, it’s understood that with a $50M fee placed (to release the data back to Acer and presumably not publicize it) Acer has until the 28th of March to respond. Albeit, we understand a 20% discount was offered if they made payment before last Wednesday and, in so far as we can tell, that was not forthcoming!

What Happens Next?

This really all boils down to exactly what information the hacking group has obtained and, more so, how significant its loss would be to Acer. With such a significantly large amount requested though, we can only presume that it is more than a little sensitive and something they would not wish to be freely available on the internet.

There is, however, always the argument of feeding the beast that kills you. By paying ransomware demands, you are ultimately both validating their actions and also simply funding more attempts to be made against other people. In an even more disturbing twist, however, it’s understood that the group specifically involved here is likely a well-known (and previous successful) state backed organization (with China mentioned!).

As we noted above though, this is still a developing situation with more than a few questions unanswered. Rest assured, we will keep you posted as new developments come to our attention!

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Mike Sanders

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