Acer Laptop Firmware Update Offers Free Graphical Boost!

Acer laptop owners, pay attention! – Following an official announcement, Acer has confirmed that many of its recent gaming laptop models have just received a brand new firmware update. What’s so important about that, I hear you ask? Well, through a little tweaking in the configuration files, this could very well legitimate give you even better gaming performance thanks to a slight increase in the graphics cards TGP settings!

Put simply, through this you can potentially expect to see a notable increase in your laptops performance. And better still, it’s entirely free!

Acer Gaming Laptop Firmware Update!

Although initially only impacting their gaming laptops featuring Nvidia graphics cards (and presumably 20XX-30XX series designs), Acer has confirmed that the firmware update will look to increase the GPUs TGP (effectively how much power it receives) by 5-30w depending on the model. Although not a colossally huge amount, this should still result in your gaming performance increased by a notable amount.

In confirming the news, Acer has stated the following laptop models which have received this firmware update:

  • Nitro 5
  • Helios 300
  • Triton 300
  • Triton 300 SE

Although not currently applied to AMD graphics solutions, a further update is anticipated for those GPUs in the very near future.

Where Can I Get This Update?

As above, although updating anything within a system is often a pain in the backside, this one definitely seems to be worth the effort. Through this one update, you could see the gaming potential of your Acer laptop increased quite significantly. And remember, this is a free performance gain and how can you argue with that?

If you do, therefore, want to check for your firmware update download, you can visit the official Acer support website via the link here!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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