Acer Says Microsoft Coming “Back To Earth” With Windows Blue

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Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system wasn’t received all that well by the general public which in turn provoked an angry response from Microsoft OEM partners like Dell and Acer, to name but a few. The main bone of contention was that they were angry sales had suffered because of Windows 8 not being popular. Acer’s President Jim Wong was one of the first to go on the attack about Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system but he seems to have changed his tune about Windows Blue.

The Acer president has stated that Windows Blue will help bring current Windows 7 users on board with a new Microsoft OS. It is not known if that means the Start button menu will come back, but this is one of the most speculated changes. He suggested that Microsoft has changed its approach because it has finally recognised that the OS doesn’t need to be optimised for touch as not everyone uses touch-screen devices.

“When we were talking to Microsoft, our input to them is balance,” Wong was quoted as saying. “The world in the next five years is not going 100 percent to touch. Although touch makes a lot of possibilities for PCs, you need to take care of the rest of the world that doesn’t need touch.”

Acer had previously attacked Microsoft for trying to kill the operating system ecosystem. They claimed the technology giant was using its mammoth budgets to promote its own products and destroy the competition. Yet Acer have now changed their tune, saying this:

“In the past we consider they (Microsoft) live in heaven. But now they go down to earth and they start to learn how people living on earth think” said Wong.

What do you think Acer’s President’s comments mean for consumers? Is Windows Blue going to be more like Windows 7?

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5 Responses to “Acer Says Microsoft Coming “Back To Earth” With Windows Blue”
  1. nick says:

    finally, iv been saying this since windows 8 came out. im a gamer and i need a stable non touch screen os when i game, i dont own a touch screen laptop or pc so why do i need windows 8 if its only for touch screens in my view

  2. Paul Cook says:

    Successfully used W8 since beta on an non-touch PC and laptop. Really dont get what all the fuss is about.

  3. We’ll just have to wait & see what Blue brings to the table. I personally don’t have a problem with 8 as it stands now and I use it on my office desktop & laptop although I still use 7 on my gaming rig.

  4. Looks like it has a lot more potential than the original W8 release. Hopefully they get rid of metro. Personally, it was horrible and overcomplicated everything. Maybe if This Windows Blue makes a large enough improvement I’ll switch over.

  5. Zeniah says:

    If you’re on 8 or thinking of buying a pc with it, just use Classic Shell. Knowing that program existed is what made me buy my new laptop since I absolutely hate the new Windows 8 look. It kind of looks like a tablet and an Xbox mated and Windows 8 came out…

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