Acer to have Retina-Class notebook displays

/ 5 years ago

Apple isn’t the only one with high pixel density displays. Acer is planning to have a retina-class display in some of their notebook and ultrabook models. They will roll this out from spring 2013.

Acer didn’t say which models/series of their notebooks and Ultrabooks would have these retina displays, but the company indicated that this type of display will be on high-end options only.

Acer also makes PC monitors and for Windows 8, they make 23″ and 27″ Windows Certified multi-touch display panels which have been said to fly off the store shelves. The company says that the demand is so high that they had to raise the price to manage their limited stock. But the company said that it will bring non-touch ultra high resolution LCD panels to the PC market in 2013.

Via: PC World 


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