Acer under investigation by the US International Trade Commission

/ 5 years ago

Acer is now added to the very long list of companies being investigated in the United States of America for patent infringements. Although, this isn’t your typical “patent war” like the Samsung vs Apple spectacle.

Acer is being investigated by the American based International Trade Commission (ITC), along with a large number of other companies, to see if it uses the patented technologies of Technology Properties Limited (TPL), Patriot Scientific Corporation (PTSC) and Phoenix Digital Solutions (PDS).

Ironically, the only reason this case really started is because of Acer’s actions. Acer filed a lawsuit against TPL back in 2007 stating that some of their patent claims were invalid. When TPL caught on that Acer needed to prove them invalid because it may be using them – it led to this investigation. TPL started the “fight” and PTSC and PDS have added their support.

The patents being disputed over relate to wireless consumer electronics devices and components. Acer is confident that it will be able to brush the case off easy enough. Acer said it fully respects the importance of intellectual properties and will also protect its rights.


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