Achievements, Cloud Saves & In-Game Chat For Google Play

/ 5 years ago


We reported recently that Google was tinking with their Google Play services, speculation was that they were tinking with a more versatile gaming platform, similar to that of the Steam network and well… it looks like that’s exactly what they’re about to do.

The new build of Google Play Services has found its way over to who have torn it apart and found some major feature changes that will be coming to user devices very soon indeed. The new features include a full featured gaming service, not unlike that of iOS Game Center and the Windows Phone Games Hub.

The new service is said to bring with it many new features, aside from being a more focused platform for gaming. These include game notifications, show muted games, per user notification management (via Google+). Other features appear to include cloud saves, to sync save games between devices, matchmaking and invite capabilities, including some auto-pick services.

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It seems likely that this extends to in-game chat too, as a matchmaking services, friends list and notifications are worth little without communication, which will then no doubt have the knock on effect of lobbies, leaderboards and other social features that come with all the above.


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