Activision May Have Fixed the COD Warzone Cheat Problem

Available on a ‘free’ platform, Call of Duty Warzone has quickly gained a lot of popularity among gamers. This did, however, create a very big problem very quickly. Namely, that cheaters started infesting the game.

Nothing unusual there, right? Well, with the game being free, users who were banned could simply just make a new account to get back into the game and start cheating again! In a nutshell, while Activision was trying, the systems in place were just not working!

Well, following a post by Reddit user ‘aurOn‘ we have some potentially excellent news! What is it? Well, it seems that Activision’s latest measure to combat this problem might actually be having a really positive effect!

Warzone Cheaters – Activision Starts Winning the War!

Earlier this week, Activision introduced a new measure that required SMS authentication for any new Warzone account created. In other words, when you now set up a ‘free’ account to play the game, you have to get a code through your mobile device to activate it!

This, clearly, has provided cheaters with a big problem. Namely, that when they get banned, it isn’t merely associated with the account, but also the phone number of the device that received the initial SMS activation. It’s a move that already has confirmed cheaters agreeing that it works!

Shadowbans With No Workarounds!

With this new system in place, when cheaters are put on the ‘shadowban’ list there is literally no workaround beyond actually getting a new telephone number. Put simply, they can’t just make a new free account as they need a whole new phone number to activate it on!

Even if they did do that, however, that account (and by proxy phone number) will also be banned if they carried on cheating! Put simply, while it isn’t perfect in removing cheaters instantly, this is without a doubt the smartest move Activision has made to date to solve this problem!

While it has been easy for cheaters to simply make new accounts, they can’t just obtain free phone numbers! – So, kudos to Activision, you might just have solved the vast majority of this problem on at least a mid to long-term scale!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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